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The virtual home of John Levy

David T. Walker

Hello Devra & John Levy,
John I have always appreciated and enjoyed Your Generosity Of Spirit!
We met many years ago because of Cannonball Adderly, Nancy Wilson, Sisters Love, Lou Rawls and others, I am Grateful for Your Presence on this Planet!
There has been an abundance of Love directed at You that includes me of course. I always wished and wanted to be one of Your Artists!
You were always very, very Kind to me and perhaps you don`t know how uplifting and inspiring that has been for me since our first meeting and working with you, being around the Artists You Represented so Elegantly since the mid 1960`s 🙂 Is and will continue to Be a Blessing in my humble life …. Thank You Sincerely!
Happy 100th Birthday, 
David T. Walker

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