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The virtual home of John Levy

Phil Schaap


The business success and great musicianship of John Levy has been impressing me since Papa Jo Jones started telling me about him over a half-century ago. John Levy was Jo’s idea of total success. I don’t have too much more to impart as others can do better.

I will add that I had John’s grand-daughter in my Jazz course and I was impressed by her and her husband and they were impressed that the teacher knew all about John Levy.

I’m also honored that John Levy has told me about his early days. Do people know that he was at Charlie Parker’s 1st record date (11/26/1945)?

Now that I’m over 60, this may seem silly to state but as John Levy will soon turn 100, I guess it’s OK:
John Levy is so gracious and reasonable in hearing young people have their say. He has great warmth and patience.

Finally: I used to work for Eubie Blake. After he died – and knowing that Eubie reached 100 – I used to say “Who’s Going To be The Next Eubie Blake?” I’m so glad it turned out to be John Levy.

Happy Birthday from Phil Schaap

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