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The virtual home of John Levy

Ahmad Jamal

Dear John and Devra:

Talk and think about you often with memories of your great career as one of the foremost “supportive bassists” which is hard to come by these days.You and Stuff Smith were truly inspiring and the entire camaraderie that graced 52nd., Street. Those were history making days that we cannot forget!!!

Additionally, we made a lot of history together after George persuaded you to manage him, and following that the great diva, Dakota and I joined the office.

Memories of Ray Bryant sitting in the office at the piano with George, learning Ray’s Cubano Chant etc.
The last time we met, that I can recall, was at Catalina’s and I took you back and introduced you to Idris Muhammad and told him your age at that time and he was so amazed at your straight as a stick appearance!!
Then I proceeded to ask you what you had for dinner!! Your answer was “prime rib”, which left both Idris and I smiling!!!

WE Love You!!!!!!!
Ahmad Jamal@ 81 +

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