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The virtual home of John Levy

Benny Golson

John Levy, My Dear Friend,

Your iconicity has long since been established in the lives and deepest grotto of hearts of those having come to know the length and breadth of your wondrous, talented and honest personality. You have been ineluctably panegyrized as one who would lovingly and willingly inspire myriads to lay their very lives at your feet. The knowledge of who and what you’ve been during your productive lifetime will not only live past your time, but into endless tomorrows. Would that our world had been filled with an abundance of ¬†JOHN LEVYS. In retrospect, the chronology and recollection of ONE HUNDRED YEARS is not nearly enough. ¬†

One of the distinct privileges and delightful pleasures in my lifetime has been having you enter my life as a dear, eternal friend. Thankfully, the exquisite ‘taste’ of this will last forever. The bright light of your presence has lit up the entire expanse of my ongoing life con brio.

Benny Golson

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